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where i scribble the near and dear as days go by the nitty gritty one step back one step back
the shelf life of a dairy product
this will curdle in a week

Her name is Violet and she is totes adorbs. Maybe I will start writing here again to document the cuteness.


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Hey look, it's us!


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i had THE crappiest day at work.


that is all.
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omgosh, it's snowing here in vancouver/portland too! woooo! i got to drive in it from alllllllllllllll the way over in east portland/gresham tonight. took about an hour just to get home. nutso. and now i'm talking with the world. hi!

wtfreak is up with this? now CASSIE LEI is engaged! yay! but still, there's seriously something in the water. i'm calling adam when i get back to seattle, darnit. i'm not desperate or anything, but i shouldn't let any chances slip me by. go for the gusto, right? the worst thing he could do is turn me down.

my cat is biting me! ouch! okay, i'm rambling. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.
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also, happy half birthday to wickey29!!

haha, made ya click!
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i'm in vancouvah. the drive here today was soooo bee-you-tea-full. i really feel like sitting at sharis, since it's been ages since i've done that. alas, nobody answered their phone this evening. oh well!

it's friggin cold outside. i think i'll try to install my new car stereo tomorrow morning. or maybe walmart will do it for me.

yeah, i have nothin much to say. my sister said she'd come home tonight, but she's not here yet.

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lots of stuff going on in the past week. last weekend, i went to my friend shira's for a feminists on campus sleepover. lots of good conversation, vegetarian/kosher burritos, 2nd night of chanukah candle lighting, and little sleep. worked 6/7 days this last week (but was paid for 7, because of the holiday!!), drove to vancouver for christmas eve at my uncle rick and aunt sue's house. made it to vancouver in 4 hours... yeah, not fun! played the traditional game of 31, received the usual gift certificates/money from the relatives, and got to talk about finishing college soon and career aspirations.

christmas day, my mom woke us up around 10am. nice to sleep in! got some pretty swell gifts and gave some in return. my sister and i had our picture taken for our parents, and they loved it! i also loved the looks on their respective faces when they saw the pics. :) more family came over in the afternoon for food and movie watching. my mom and i watched some christmas morning past on video (my sis wasn't too interested, since we've watched these videos a jillion times).

drove back to seattle yesterday morning, cuz i had to work. worked today and also will tomorrow. i have monday - friday off this next week, so i'm heading back to vancouver. not really sure what i'd do here, plus, it'll be nice to see the fam again, as well as sarah, rees, katy-jo, jamie, and CASSIE LEI is in town with nick and hannah as well!! sno, did you know that?! we must all get together and do something!

vancouver/portland people: what are you doing for new years eve? i have no plans (i hardly ever do until the last second).

other than that, i bought the first two seasons of saved by the bell on dvd last night, along with bring it on, and someone like you. this was all compliments of some xmas money i received. woo! i think i'll eat some leftovers now, and watch a little sbtb.

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happy christmas to you all!

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happy birthday lifeofbrian!!

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